Our Company

Quality and technology

We are a Colombian company with a presence in Central, Latin America, and the Caribbean, since 1997 we are in charge of the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products. For more than 20 years we have been characterized by creating alliances with the largest manufacturing companies globally. We work in close collaboration with renowned suppliers and manufacturers to guarantee the efficacy and safety of our medicines. Caring for your present and your future with innovative medicines

We are known for offering high technology and high-quality products at a fair price.


Of presence in the pharmaceutical industry.



We are committed to keep up to date with the latest advances in pharmaceutical research and development to offer the most innovative products on the market.


Guidance and advice to our customers and suppliers.


Compliance with the highest quality standards.


Clinical studies of biological and biotechnological medicines.

Regulatory affairs

Robust regulatory system in the search for obtaining sanitary registrations in Colombia, Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean. 


Opportune delivery of our medicines.

We are known for being the Colombian pharmaceutical company with the highest commercial growth

in recent years, introducing new laboratories with innovative drugs and in compliance in a timely manner.

Our value promise:

The safety of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priority. The delivery time of our medicines in Colombia is between 24-48 hours after receiving the request.


High complexity and high technology medicines. Each of our medicines has been rigorously approved and evaluated to guarantee its safety and efficacy.

International standards:

We are a company committed to comply with the requirements of different countries, for which we have all the equipment to comply with international standards of primary and secondary packaging according to the law.


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